Investigate, Release, Restore

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Everyone is welcome!

$15.00 per session

This class focuses on freeing stiff muscles and joints, and encourages self-discovery of how physical tension places restrictions on movement. Our goal is to replace rigidity with ease of movement, relaxation and calm. We also aim to replace shallow breathing with deeper, soothing breath.

We investigate and challenge joint stability, and examine the inconsistencies we often find in our bodies. Through exploration we strive to identify and move beyond our limitations in movement symmetry. This is not a "competitive" class, but rather a time to dig deep inside our bodies and minds and give ourselves what we individually need in the moment to feel our best.

If you have been out of the habit of movement and exercise, or if you find yourself at the other end of the spectrum and only exercise intensely with little downtime, this class is perfect for you!

Due to props utilized in the class, participation may occasionally be limited. To reserve a spot in the class or inquire about availability email, call 864-735-0666 or 864-346-3275.

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