Balance Class

As we age, several systems that are responsible for balance may decrease significantly in function; thus, creating a decrease in balance which can lead to falling and the possibility of severe disability. These systems include musculoskeletal (strength, flexibility, proprioception), ocular (vision) and vestibular (inner ear). That's not good news but research has shown that exercise and specific balance training activities can greatly reduce your risk of a fall. We at Studio 17 have a comprehensive approach to addressing balance issues. We will target all components of balance mentioned above so as to help decrease your risk of a disastrous fall.

Physical Therapist, David Goldberg, teaches two Balance classes monthly at Studio 17. Each session is one hour long and costs $15.00. Space is limited. Please contact Tami Durham for more information and to reserve your spot.

Email Tami at or call 864-735-0666.