Hatha Flow Yoga

The art and practice of yoga has been around for centuries and continues to find increased popularity. Hatha Vinyasa is just one of the many styles of yoga that you can experience. It is a physical practice that has strong focus on breath-synchronized movement and alignment as its foundation. 

Hatha can be translated as willful or forceful. Vinyasa (pronounced “vin-yah-sah”) is explained as flow. 

Some find the practice helpful in balancing out the opposing forces we all have within us. Strong and weak, focused but able to be distracted, flexible while sometimes unwilling to change. Sometimes these descriptions are about your body and muscles….but sometimes they are about the mind and emotions. 

Participating in a Yoga practice can be a great way to improve your performance in other areas of your life. 

You may be challenged mentally as well as physically! 

We work with people who want to increase their energy and decrease their stress. Yoga can help you develop strength, balance, and flexibility in your body, while you improve the ability to stay calm and alert during the challenges of everyday life. 

Whether you are in a class setting or a private session you can expect clear and detailed instruction on how to move through your vinyasa (flow) or holding of a pose. There will be attention paid to form, and modifications will be offered when necessary for you to safely experience what the practice is about. 

Since we are all unique individuals the experiences during and after a class will be different for each person. Most people recognize and will admit that they feel better physically and mentally after a practice. When you leave you may notice a sense of calm that you did not arrive with. 

Please contact Lisa Pridemore, owner of Downtown Yoga Greenville, for more information about how Flow Yoga is designed to help you.