Class Offerings

The Studio 17 Classical Pilates program offers several learning and practice opportunities.

We operate just as the master and creator, Joseph Pilates, conducted his studio. This is to say that our goal is teach our students to be independent within the Pilates repertoire. We provide many opportunities weekly to practice with and without instructor guidance, and we recommend practicing two to three times weekly.

History has proven that the development of independence within the Pilates system increases class productivity, provides a more rapid achievement of goals, and is excellent for brain function as well as the body. It is also the most reliable way to integrate the numerous Pilates benefits into the body to enjoy outside the studio. To assist progression of our students' skills, we provide each student with tools, teaching aids and prompts to aid the transition from dependence to autonomy.

Students new to Pilates will begin with Private lessons tailored to the students' specific needs and goals. Once the student gains some capacity for self-sufficiency, he or she will be welcomed into the Open Studio method. Here, the student can continue to hone skills and practice exercises determined to be most advantageous to his or her life and needs. Once greater proficiency is gained in Open Studio, the student will then be invited to attend Personal Practice sessions.

Private Lessons

Studio 17 offers 30-minute and 55-minute Private lessons. Private lessons are taught, as possible, within the daily schedule. New students are required to take Private lessons until a level of autonomy is achieved, which is typically three to five lessons. Once self-directed, students will be welcomed into other less expensive classes.
30-minute Privates cost $40.00.
55-minute Privates cost $75.00.

Open Studio

Open Studio is independent practice with instructor oversight. Attendees have full access to all studio equipment on which they have received training. Each student determines the exercises he or she wishes to practice and will self-govern their workout. The instructor will oversee the practice, offering cues, spotting, direction, and guidance. For anyone new to Open Studio, prompts and teaching aids are provided to assist until the student is fully independent.
Open Studio is 55-minutes long, offered multiple times weekly, and costs $35.00 per session.

Personal Practice

Personal Practice is independent practice, with full access to all equipment on which training has been received. As with Open Studio, teaching aids and prompts are provided for those who do not yet have the exercises fully memorized. An instructor is always present in case of emergency.
Personal Practice is available numerous times weekly, and costs $20.00 per 55-minute session.

Group Mat Classes

Group Mat classes are offered weekly. Unlike Open Studio and Personal Practice, Group classes are instructor-guided workouts. They are intentionally limited in attendance, and pre-registering is required.
All Groups are 55-minutes long, and cost $15.00.

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, and Venmo. Some instructors accept PayPal.