“My yoga experience at Studio 17 has been dynamic, meditative, with the right level of challenge built in! The studio is warm and inviting, and the teachers are all so welcoming. This studio is the perfect place to go to restore yourself at the end of the day!”



“My husband and I have been students of Lisa's for almost 6 years now. We love her approach to yoga because she challenges us physically. My husband and I credit her for helping us maintain our flexibility as we move into our 60's.”

Amy S.


“I’m so glad I discovered Studio 17! The environment is relaxed, friendly and encouraging.”



"Kristen's class has helped me de-stress, relax, feel better about myself, but, most importantly, enabled me to realize how valuable stretching could be for my physical infirmities. As a 70 year old lady who NEVER practiced yoga before her class, please let me tell you that the benefits of it have been amazing to me. "



“I have been practicing yoga with Lisa for over 5 years. She understands my ability to move, allowing time for the limitations of an aging body. I wish I had started my yoga practice in my twenties.”



"Kristen provides us with essential oils and a quote of the day for every practice, which are a special touch. The hour passes quickly with a wonderful flow, sometimes challenging, which I always encourage. She meets the needs we have at the time with ease. She is a delight! "



“My yoga practice started over 5 years ago in a group class. I wanted to ease my 60+ year body into things slowly so I decided to try one on one session to insure my form was correct. It's been private lessons for me ever since! My yoga time is one of the highlights of my week!"



“I have been extremely fortunate to work with Lisa Pridemore for the past fifteen years. She IS the reason I stay as strong and flexible as possible, even thru my multiple surgeries over these years. Her personalized program for me includes so many activities--stretching, weights, yoga, and even practicing lifting my packed suitcases before a trip overseas! She encourages me, laughs and cries with me, and never stops searching for ways for me help me stay functionally fit! She is often the brightest spot in my day and I always leave our sessions feeling like I just had the best medicine ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa!”



“I find I can easily do some of the things with which I was once struggled. I can reach, stretch, and bend and feel wonderful and healthy. I am not proficient at yoga, but one does not need be to have it improve your health and well -being, you just need to do it, and never stop.”



“Lisa's class is so good! Her soothing voice can take you from restorative to an athletic practice in the same hour. Always suggesting alternative poses for what our limitations are that day. It is a great class and wonderful atmosphere.”



“The teachers are welcoming and friendly. They know how to assist you in a pose, help you find subtle differences without getting into what feels like your personal space”



“Lisa’s knowledge and expertise extends far beyond the mechanics of the yoga poses. Because she brings the full philosophy of discipline to her class, she is adept at engaging all levels from beginner to advanced. She recognizes each person brings unique challenges to their mat whether physical limitations, an injury they may need to protect, or an opportunity for growth.”



“In a safe and comfortable environment we work on decreasing stress, increasing our strength, our flexibility, our balance and in truth, our sense of well -being. On a daily basis I notice the positive benefits of my yoga”



“Between the instructors, the students and the at home environment- Studio 17 is a place you want to stay after class to catch up with those you now consider friends. . There is a sense of belonging and family here.”



“My personal story is a little different than many. After a lifetime of being very physically active, my body began deteriorating due to osteoarthritis. I joined yoga attempting to maintain strength and flexibility. Lisa adapted poses and worked to make me as comfortable as possible under the circumstances. Eventually, due to pain, I had to quit. After having both hips replaced, I am back in yoga and feeling much stronger with each session. There are some poses I will never be able to perform, however, Lisa always has an alternative pose or stretch that allows me to work the particular muscle group. Yoga is mental, physical, and spiritual. It can be as physically demanding as you choose to make it. Or it can restore your mind, body and soul after a long day at work.”



"My name is Charis Sloan, and I have been practicing Pilates with Tami Durham for almost 2 years. I began pilates as a way of recovering from a C-section as well as staying flexible and fit. Practicing pilates at Studio 17 has benefited me in more ways that that. About a year ago, I found myself in an operating room with an extensive cartilage transplant in my right knee. After 8 weeks of recovery on crutches, my physical therapist was very specific on allowable activities. I was delightfully surprised when he approved the majority of moves I had been practicing in pilates because they were low to no impact.
While recovery has had its challenges, I have found that pilates has been a strong reinforcement to the physical therapy exercises that I was prescribed. As I've gained strength we have been able to add resistance to continue to work toward a new equilibrium between both of my legs. The results have been remarkable. Today I am a proud mother of a 2 year old, I have my pre-baby body back and I am able to play with my son without hesitation. I am so grateful to Tami for pushing me and showing me not only a safe way to recover, but a practice of pilates that I can continue for years to come. "

Charis Sloan, 31, Figure Skater, Proud Mom


I have been physically active most of my 71 years through exercise and various sports. As I have aged, I have tried to maintain some physical activity through walking and the use of a treadmill. Fifteen or so years ago, I joined the GHS Life Center in order to take advantage of the equipment they have available for use. At that time, I took some individual classes utilizing an exercise ball as well as some group Pilates classes. I very quickly decided Pilates was not for me. Everyone else in the class seemed to grasp the concept while I had trouble understanding the terminology.

As a senior citizen, my main form of exercise has been the treadmill and some stretching exercises. Due to some of the sports I participated in when I was younger, I have neck and other joint issues. Several years ago, I started taking private Pilates classes at Studio 17 in downtown Greenville, SC. The instructor was very patient with me, and I was amazed that I could get such a terrific workout that was low impact. I now try to get two or three workouts in every week, sometimes group classes, semi-private or private. I rarely have any neck pain, and really appreciate the muscle toning I have been able to maintain. I highly recommend Pilates for any adult but especially older adults that want a good workout and avoid injury.