Classical Pilates

Intended for everybody, Pilates is practiced by people of all ages and all walks of life – young and old, elite athletes and de-conditioned individuals, physically fit and physically challenged. Pilates can be both therapeutic and an extreme workout for the body and mind.

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Welcome to Studio 17! With so many health and exercise options available, we appreciate your interest. We provide a safe and comfortable space to strengthen the body and mind. We work with real people and real bodies every day with a focus on helping them live their best lives.

Recently relocated a couple of miles from downtown Greenville, SC to perhaps the largest Pilates facility in the south, we are thriving in 3,500 square feet of beautiful, bright open space, supported by ample free and easy parking. Our expansive new studio at 501 Furman Road is equipped with all the Classical Pilates Apparatus and plenty of room to accommodate simultaneous Groups, Privates, and Personal Practice sessions.

Studio 17 celebrates individuality. We do not believe everyone has to have the same goals, look the same or fit a particular mold. Further, as the body and mind age, our needs change. We're here to challenge you when you need to be challenged and support you when you need a little extra care. We can provide conditioning that meets you where you are, regardless of age, skill, or strength level. We work with older populations as well as athletes, and we would be honored to work with you, too.

What can you expect to achieve at Studio 17?

Studio 17 is "old school". You won't find us posting on social media. We don't advertise in magazines. Our clientele comes to us largely through word of mouth and referrals. We are simple and uncomplicated. Our instructors value getting to know our students and helping them thrive. We are friends and we are a community.

Why choose Studio 17?

Whatever your desire or interest, there is a suitable fitness facility in Greenville, SC. There is a place that will invigorate you, challenge you, and excite you about showing up... because at the end of the day, the first thing you must do is show up. If Studio 17 is that location, we are pleased to help. If you don't know exactly what you're looking for, but you'd like to give Studio 17 a look around, we're happy to meet with you and discuss your needs.

Tami Durham