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Your Pilates Studio in Greenville, SC

Studio 17 is focused on giving you a welcoming and impactful Pilates experience.

For A Reason

At Studio 17, we put your needs first. From your first interaction to every Pilates class you take after, we want you to feel comfortable, valued, and fully embraced for who you are. By getting to know each person who steps foot in our studio, we are able to provide a unique Classical Pilates experience to meet your needs and reach your long-term goals.

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Why Take Pilates Classes at Studio 17

From the people who greet you when you enter our studio to the feeling after completing a Pilates class, we want your time at Studio 17 to be an altogether uplifting and beneficial experience. We are constantly striving to enhance your wellness through our intentional approach to practicing Pilates.


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Studio 17 emphasizes Classical Pilates, to fit your needs. We welcome and embrace all who are looking to join our community!


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Our certified team of highly skilled instructors is trained to help you meet your long-term wellness goals. The Studio 17 team is able to serve a broad range of wellness needs and mobilities.


Our Classes

Whether you’re interested in group Pilates classes or private instruction, there is a class for you. We intentionally structure our schedule and offerings to make Pilates accessible to all people.

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The Impact of
Pilates Practice

The practice of Pilates originated from Joseph Pilates and his strong desire to restore his health, and improve the health of others.  These corrective exercises and postures have been proven to enhance physical vitality and invigorate the mind. Not only can practicing pilates improve posture and alignment, it can also aid as a form of recovery. Studio 17 sees the value in opening our doors to teach and encourage those willing to learn the practice of Classical Pilates.