Our Community Starts With Our Instructors

We have worked hard to cultivate a community of instructors who strive to enhance the Pilates experience of our students. Each instructor will assess your present condition and create a plan to meet your Pilates goals. Our team confidently teaches and leads each student with different needs by understanding the Methodology of practicing Pilates and how it can impact the body in different ways.

The Studio 17 Team

Each instructor at Studio 17 is fully certified and makes a positive impact within our community. We work hard to make sure every need is represented by our team ensuring our students receive the best experience.

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BeLinda Bellows 

Owner of Studio 17/ Instructor

BeLinda started her Pilates journey in 2007, with the encouragement of her doctor, to aid in lower back pain. In 2014 BeLinda received her Pilates Mat Certification from Balanced Body. She received her comprehensive Certification through Peak Pilates. In 2022, BeLinda completed an 18-month “Classical Pilates Progression” with Karen Frischmann.

BeLinda believes that Pilates truly transforms bodies. She says, “The Work works!” BeLinda continues with monthly Master Classes, and as many privates, as she can fit into her schedule.

In 2023 BeLinda became the Proprietor of Studio 17 and moved the Studio to Hampton Station.

BeLinda was raised in the West. She and her husband call Greenville their home. She has two lovely, adult daughters, two outstanding son-in-laws, and a perfect, grandson, that she loves spending as much time with as possible!

Areas of Expertise: Injury recovery, injury prevention, physically fit and athletic individuals, and senior citizens


Tami Durham

Founder of Studio 17/ Instructor

Tami is a lifelong athlete who grew up water skiing and ice skating. She performed at the Cypress Gardens Water Ski Show in Florida and toured worldwide with ice skating shows. Like most professional athletes, Tami has suffered ongoing knee, hip, and neck problems. When working on a show in Las Vegas, Tami was introduced to Pilates. She knew her body needed a workout with little to no impact to keep up her strength, flexibility, and tone so her interest was piqued. As Tami started and continued her practice of Classical Pilates, she noticed changes in her body and mindset. She worked to complete her Comprehensive Certification and has been a dedicated student of Classical Pilates since 2000.

In 2013, Tami opened Studio 17 to provide a space committed to helping students acquire healthy habits. Tami enjoys working with instructors, athletes, and those suffering from joint pain. Tami continues to share Studio 17 with other committed instructors while providing ongoing training and educational opportunities.

Areas of Expertise: Current and retired athletes, instructors-in-training, injury recovery and prevention, senior citizens

Grow Your Skills

There is great value in furthering your pilates practice and learning from others in a studio setting. Studio 17 provides ample opportunities for pilates practitioners, instructors, or aspiring instructors, to grow their personal skills and teaching abilities. We work alongside each person to develop a plan while giving them access to our studio.

Personalized Schedules

Instructors have access to view and adjust their schedules, including those signed up to attend classes, via Studio 17 electronic calendars. We support instructors to offer classes that work with the schedules of both our teachers and our students.

There Is Space For You

No matter where you are in your Pilates journey, we would appreciate the opportunity to connect and see how you’d fit in with our Studio 17 community.