Pilates as Joseph Pilates Intended It

Pilates was created by Joseph Hubertus Pilates in the late 1800s-early 1900s. Growing up in a time of poor living conditions, inadequate nutrition, and various illnesses, he first developed an interest in physical culture as an adolescent. He spent his lifetime studying physical and mental fitness and honing his Method knowing that his approach to health could ultimately heal society. Joseph Pilates originally branded his practice “Contrology” but upon his death, it simply became known as “Pilates.”

At Studio 17, we have seen the profound and long-lasting impact the Pilates Method can yield. With an intentional approach, Pilates can strengthen one’s whole self, in body, and in mind.


The Impact of Pilates

Joseph Pilates took inspiration from both Eastern and Western philosophies. He was convinced that to possess true strength, a person must be universally strong in body and mind. By applying a scientific approach to his work, he created a system of corrective exercises that develops the body holistically.

Practicing Pilates delivers a multitude of advantages including greater stability, strength, endurance and range of motion, enhanced confidence, and mental focus. Classical Pilates is typically no-impact with maximum ease on joints. This safely aids in longer and more lean muscles while improving tone and posture. Ultimately, all benefits lead back to the original intention of Joseph Pilates to “develop a sound mind within a sound body.”

Pilates Is Personal

Part of providing the best Pilates experience is ensuring we are meeting your specific needs based on your body, abilities, and limitations. Various pieces of equipment are utilized in all forms of Pilates to help achieve the desired outcome. Our team of qualified instructors serve individuals with wide-ranging needs and those recovering from diverse stressful events.

Perfect Your Form

An important part of Pilates is employing proper and impactful form. We have a wide range of apparatus to assist in this effort. At Studio 17, our equipment is always clean and maintained in excellent condition ready for you to use. Click on any image below to learn more.


Made of high-density foam, the Mat is designed to support the spine in a variety of positions, including on the back, stomach, and rolling. The Mat has a foot strap, and two “moon boxes” at one end and handles at the other to assist, support, and stretch the body. All other Pilates apparatus were developed to enhance the performance of Mat exercises.


The Reformer consists of many moving parts including a rolling carriage, straps and pulleys, and a foot bar. Built to “reform” the body, adjustable spring resistance is applied to a variety of progressively challenging exercises. Students can use this apparatus lying down, seated, kneeling, inverted, standing, and multi-directional with no impact. The Reformer is the most well-known piece of Pilates equipment.


The Cadillac, also known as the “Trap Table”, was the first piece of equipment Joseph Pilates designed. Rising above an elevated mat are adjustable springs, handles, foot straps, wooden bars, a trapeze, and a canopy. The Cadillac was developed for all abilities to achieve greater strength and range of motion. This is a very adaptable piece of equipment.


Barrels (Small Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Ladder Barrel) help correct postural issues, lengthen the legs, and strengthen the abs while supporting the spine and pelvis. A variety of Barrel sizes offer successive degrees of extension based on need and flexibility. Barrels can be used for both passive and active full-body exercises providing multi-directional stretches for the spine.

Electric/ Wunda Chair
Electric/Wunda Chair

These multi-purpose Chairs reinforce posture while testing balance, strength, alignment, and control. The Electric Chair includes a supportive, tall back and springs attached to a pedal. The Wunda Chair is an advancement of the Electric Chair. Chairs are used for numerous exercises of varying skills from beginner to very advanced students.

Arm Chair
Arm Chair

Also known as the Baby Chair, the Arm Chair is a great apparatus for learning muscular activation and movement techniques. The Arm Chair supports posture and alignment and is also used to refine skills and assist rehabilitation. The mobility of the chair back is a unique feature designed to challenge core strength. The Arm Chair retains the lightest springs in the studio.


This upright and intentionally unstable pole is used to define the placement of the spine, challenge balance and strength, improve posture, and evaluate the symmetry of the entire body. Exercises can be performed while standing, seated, or squatting. The Ped-o-pul is often used as an advancement to exercises performed with the Arm Chair and Cadillac.

Foot Corrector
Foot Corrector

The Foot Corrector aids in mobilizing, aligning, and strengthening the feet and ankles, correcting arches, and massaging the soles. The Foot Corrector was developed to correct gait mechanics and it hits all the reflexology points in the feet. Healthy feet are essential for healthy bodies. This apparatus was the first patent Joseph Pilates applied for.

Other Small Apparatus:
  • Toe Corrector
  • Neck Stretcher
  • Airplane Board
  • Weighted Bars
  • Magic Circles
  • Sandbags
  • and more

These tools aid in bunion and hammertoe correction, strengthening the entire body, correcting posture and alignment, and challenging balance. They may be small, but they are enormously impactful for the body!

Meeting Your Needs

The Studio 17 team serves those recovering from various surgeries and setbacks, pre and postnatal populations, and senior citizens. We work with professional and amateur athletes looking to impact sports performance, and we would love to work with you, too.

This is just a sample of the diverse populations our team supports. Each instructor has curated their teaching skillsets to serve various groups of people. If you are interested in connecting or learning more about what our instructors are capable of, we encourage you to reach out.

The Impact of Pilates Practice

Every student has unique goals we want to help achieve.

The Next Step In Your Experience

Learn what classes we offer and how the Studio 17 approach will help identify the best way to begin your individual and distinctive Pilates practice.