Pilates Classes That Are All About You

Our goal at Studio 17 is providing space for Pilates classes in Greenville with an atmosphere that makes you feel valued and strong. Our instructors enjoy taking the time to get to know each student and their needs, create a targeted plan, and help them reach their full potential, health and wellness goals. Taking a class with Studio 17 means you’re a part of our community!

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Practice at Studio 17

Practicing Pilates has proven to have numerous positive impacts on physical and mental health. Joseph Pilates intended his Method of corrective exercises to transform the body and mind. We fully embrace Joseph Pilates principles at Studio 17. Learn more about how practicing Pilates can impact your long-term health.

Pilates Class Schedule

The Studio 17 class schedule is intentionally set to provide class time options to fit most budgets and busy schedules. Our Private and Personal Practice classes are on an as-needed basis throughout the week and weekend. We are working to add more Open Studio and instructor-led Group classes to keep up with demand.


11:00-11:55 am

12:00-12:55 pm

Open Studio


Group Mat


Group Mat




Open Studio



Schedule a Class

If you are interested in signing up for a class, please contact our studio or the instructor associated with each class.

What Our Community Is Saying

We are so grateful for the Studio 17 community and hope you’ll see in their own words how much we truly care about your health journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pilates Classes

Studio 17 is open to everyone. Our instructor team has a very diverse range of certifications and qualifications. Some of the specific populations we serve include people of all ages, abilities and goals, those recovering from injury or surgery, current and retired athletes. Studio 17 Pilates is perfect for beginners while also catering to advanced students.

We adhere to a 24-hour cancellation policy out of respect for the instructor’s schedule and your time.

Unlike other establishments, we take a personal approach and interest in our students. To ensure everyone is receiving the best Pilates experience at Studio 17, we request that you reach out to schedule your first class. We want to understand your health objectives and challenges so that we make the best recommendations for your needs. A short conversation or completed questionnaire is all that’s required.

At Studio 17, we utilize a wide range of Classical apparatus to offer the most comprehensive Pilates experience. Videos can be helpful, but to experience the full range of benefits in Pilates, you may need to be guided toward better alignment, correct muscle engagement, and improved exercise execution. We recommend coming to the studio regularly to utilize the apparatus and then supplementing the in-studio work with equipment-free homework.

We recommend clothing that is comfortable and allows free movement. We suggest form-fitting clothing so we can see your alignment and body in motion. Please avoid clothing with belts and zippers as it can damage the equipment. You are welcome to bring water. Studio 17 provides all necessary equipment.

There is plenty of free parking in front of our studio. You are also able to park on the side or behind the building.

Take The Next Step in Your Health Journey

If you have any questions about taking Pilates classes and being a part of Studio 17, we would love to hear from you!